M/S. RAYHAN ENTERPRISE provides all kinds of ship repairing services. We are one of the leading and trusted Ship Repair and Marine Engineering at chittagong and mongla port. We aim to provide quality repair, research, consultancy, and information to our client in the marine sector by offering reliable, prompt and cost effective services.

• Diesel engine overhaul and repairs in accordance with regulatory rules and manufacturers recommendations.
• Hydraulic Repairs – Winches, Windlass, Cranes and all other Equipments.
• Renewal of steel plates, S.W pipes, hydraulic pipes, steam pipes etc.
• Main engine and Auxiliary engine overhaul, repairs and reconditioning of engine parts.
•Overhaul and repairs: compressors, purifiers, all types of pumps, turbochargers.
• Boilers: Overhaul and repairs for survey.
• Tank cleaning operations (Bunker and Cargo Tanks/Holds)
• Electrical repairs of all types including rewinding of motors and alternators.
• Testing, examination and Certification of Lifting Appliances and Loose gears including chains, shackles, hooks, wire slings etc
• Liferaft Annual servicing
• LSA & FFA Annual Inspections and Certification
• Repairing and fitting of all type of Pumps and Repairing and fitting of all type of Pumps and Valves
• Carpentry works
M/S. RAYHAN ENTERPRISE is also Supplier of Engine Systems and Spares / Auxiliary Engines / Auxiliary Engine Spares, Engine Systems and Spares / Auxiliary Engines / Complete Auxiliary Engine Systems.

Provision Deck & Engine store supply

M/S. RAYHAN ENTERPRISE supply for your vessel from fresh provision, Dry stores, Deck & Engine stores etc. Also can be arrange bonded stores supply from bonded warehouse. In Chittagong you will get fresh vegetable, River & Sea fish, meat, seasonal fruits and much more. Please send your requisition list in order to have quality provision in a very reasonable price.

Bunker Supply

Bunkering commonly refers to the provision of bunker fuel (fuel/gas oil) to ships to power their engines. Bunker fuel is supplied either by dedicated fuel barges to ships anchored inside/outside the port or by pipelines for vessels berthed at quays. We provide all types of bunker supply.

Spare & safety equipment electrical Good supplier

M/S. RAYHAN ENTERPRISE supply all types of spare & safety equipment and electrical goods. Please send your requisition list in order to have quality provision in a very reasonable price.

Ship Repair and Maintenance

We do carry out all kind of repair job of your vessel may require at Chittagong port. Our Qualified engineer, skilled technician & totally well equipped workshop are ready to meet with your every kind of repair requirement from Engine overhauling to steel plate renewal, electrical & rewinding job etc. Our aim is to complete all work in a time and cost effective manner by collaborating and cooperating with our client. Our experience covers all types of ship repairs.

Chipping & Painting

A deck cadet on board the ship or vessel must clean to maintain everything on board; all of those previously painted surfaces must be washed except the hull part of the ship should be used by a soda to remove all dirt and grease. Those paint blisters should be scraped off.Cleaning those glass windows and port can be washed and polish with Chamois Leather, but using a cleaner window crimp cloth. Thus cloth is boiled before use and when almost dry can also be used for polishing the glass. We do all types of Chipping & Painting works .

Garbage Cleaning

Water pollution with floating garbage is getting more and more serious in many countries. The design of an autonomous ship for cleaning the garbage floating on a lake has been proposed. We do garbage cleaning works.

Reject good purchaser Commission agent.

Sometimes many of ships have many rejected goods to sell or to be sold. We buy that goods or help our clients to sold that goods.